Glacier Nordic Center — Whitefish Golf Course

Due to standing water and melted out sections of trail we have finished grooming for the season. Skiing is still permitted, please stay on established track. Thanks for a great season everyone!

Ski At Your Own Risk!

Trail Map for the Glacier Nordic Center
at Whitefish Lake Golf Course

4 Responses to Glacier Nordic Center — Whitefish Golf Course

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi, are the trails at the Whitefish Golf Course and Big Mountain easy, moderate, or difficult. Thanks

    • ritabean1 says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Our ski trails are closed for the season. But! The golf course trails are easy to moderate, and the Big Mountain trails are difficult to moderate. Hope to see you next season.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. william schnebel says:

    skied grouse mtn lodge and lost loon lake tuesday late afternoon…no standing water, no melted out sections of trail, plenty of snow…but rough…could easily be groomed another week. disappointing for a many year season pass holder who pays pre-season knowing the risk of little or no snow or late snow cover, but gets a couple weeks chopped off the back end when it doesn’t have to be. disappointed.

    • ritabean1 says:

      Hi William,

      Our head groomer had been out of town (another grooming crew member was taking care of the trails), and I just heard from him this morning. We are very sorry for this delay in getting a proper response to you.

      We are also sorry about your disappointment in our decision to discontinue grooming. The real issue was our staging area, which had melted, exposing a lot of grass. Even though there were still groomable areas on the golf course, overall conditions deteriorated enough to justify our decision, for we also have a duty to prevent golf course damage.

      We know that bit of info may not diminish your disappointment, and we do appreciate very much you letting us know how you feel. Overall, the snow conditions on the golf course this season were fantastic. We hope you got to enjoy the skiing at its best.

      Thank you for your long-standing support of our club.



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