Comp & Rec Team

GNST does not currently have a Comp/Rec team.  We look forward to having this team going again in the near future!


More Info Here:    Rec        Comp

Comp Team – The Comp Team will begin meeting in mid-October for morning strength sessions while transitioning to 5-6 days a week of training by the November 1 and ending mid March.  Training sessions will include weight training, dry land training (including roller skiing) transitioning on to snow.  The Comp Team focuses on building base strength- moving towards specific strength, improving aerobic capacity through level 2 training, and becoming accustomed to working near aerobic threshold through level 3 and 4 interval training. We will continually build confidence with the ability to achieve goals through regular and intelligent training and taking appropriate rest.

The Comp Team travels together in the team van and trains at a variety of locations including Izaac Walton Inn, Stillwater Nordic, Glacier Nordic Center at Whitefish Golf Course, Big Mountain, Round Meadows, Blacktail, and ski touring in the greater Flathead Valley.  The team travels to races both locally and throughout the Intermountain region.

Ages: 14 to 19

Head Coach:


Days: Typically 6 days a week

Time: 3:30 – 6:00 pm

Cost: $700.  Kids are required to have a Stillwater Nordic ski pass ($25 if paid upon signup with the program).

Rec Team – The Rec Team is designed for kids who want to ski with a team two days a week.  The Rec Team will meet with the Comp team on Tue and Th.  The emphasis will be on learning skate and classic skiing techniques and fitness while having fun skiing with friends.  A Rec Devo Team will also be available for those skiers who would like an additional day on skis with the Comp team.

Ages: 14 to 19

Head Coach:


All participants in these programs are invited and encouraged to join the Comp Team on Tuesday and Thursday in the Fall for dryland training.  This will help keep kids in shape after fall sports and ready to get on skis once the snow flies!  Dryland training begins around November 1st meeting at the High School at 3:30pm.

Days: Rec Team Tue, Th;  Rec/Devo Tue, Wed, Thur.

Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Cost: Rec Team $300;  Rec/Devo Team $350.  Kids are required to have a Stillwater Nordic ski pass ($25 if paid upon signup with the program).


Required Gear List:

Skate skis, skate poles and skate boots (or combi boots)

Classic skis (waxable is preferred, please talk with me  if you only have waxless), classic poles and classic boots (or combi boots)

Water belt and water bottle with pocket to hold wax/cork

Jacket for varying conditions including rain/wet snow and cold weather

Synthetic or wool clothing that you can layer appropriately for conditions (no cotton)




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